M.Sc. Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Christian Miedl

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After the middle school I decided to do an apprenticeship. I wanted to become an architectural draftsman. In the beginning of my apprenticeship I had to do real "handwork" with pencil, ruler and drafting machine. Already after a short period of time I had to exchange my ruler with a PC. Since then I drawed virtual buildings and house plans.
View of plan for a house
The gained knowledge in technical drawing and spatial sense were very helpful during my mechanical engineering study.
MP3-Player - Design excercise during my study
Beside my study I have worked at the company Trauner in Deggendorf at the construction department one or two times a week. My takes were mainly drawings of steel buildings and pipes.
The picture (right) shows the result of a project work at the FH-Deggendorf. You can see a model of the turbine of the plane starfighter. The aim of this model is to demonstrate how a turbine is built up.
Turbine Starfighter